We all know the importance of cleaning our homes for our general health and wellbeing. But, did you know that cleaning your car is also an important task? Below we share with you the top 5 reasons why you should regularly clean your car. 

1. Retain the value of your car

If you are planning on selling your car in the future, then keeping it in the very best condition is to your advantage. Regularly cleaning the car will rid it of unsightly bird droppings, salt, rain, mud splatters and accumulated dirt. This regular cleaning will help to preserve the condition of your car, alleviate rust, and will save you a lot of money in the long run. 

2. Feel good while driving

A clean car will make you feel good about yourself. It also presents a professional image and one that conveys cleanliness and order. This is especially important if you use your car for business purposes. We all like to see a shiny, clean car, so have pride in your car and in yourself!

3. Be safe

One of the biggest benefits of regularly cleaning your car is that of increased safety. Your windscreen, mirrors and lights will all be free from dirt, helping to increase visibility when on the road. Also, will be more visible to other drivers and pedestrians. 

4. Stay healthy

It's not just the exterior of your car that needs to be kept clean, as so too does the interior. Regular vacuuming and dusting will help to rid your car from dirt and nasty bacteria. Plus, a build up of food debris will make your car smell incredibly unpleasant. Remember to clean the steering wheel, gear box and handbrake, as well as vacuuming the floor and upholstery. This is also important if you have dogs, as the hairs get everywhere! 

5. Protect the paintwork

If you don't regularly clear your car's paintwork of the buildup of dirt, then in essence this will cause extensive damage to the bodywork. Dirt over a period of time will act in very much the same way as sandpaper, when exposed to the elements, and will gradually chip away at the car's protective coating. When the paintwork becomes damaged this means that the car no longer has protection from the weather, meaning that moisture can attack the car resulting in rust. No one likes to see a rusty car and, fixing rust can cost you a lot of money! 

No matter how you wash your car, by hand or at a car wash, be sure to wash it on s regular basis. Regular cleaning, both inside and out, will ensure that your car looks good, is safe to drive and will not be harmful to your general health.

5 reasons why cleaning your car is a good thing