The summer months are arriving and it's time to hit the road. Follow these five handy tips to make sure that your vehicle is ready for the hot weather. 

1. Make sure that your AC works

Test out your air conditioning system now to ensure that it is working well. If it has accumulated dust or fluff over the winter, make sure that you have cleaned it thoroughly. 

2. Get the right accessories

A dashboard sunscreen and reflective silver screens that can be attached to the windows are very useful for keeping the interiors of your vehicle cool during the summer months. These accessories will also help to avoid you being dazzled by the sun as you drive. In addition, if you will be leaving pets or young children in your car in summer, putting screens up on the windows will stop them from overheating. Remember that if you do leave an animal or a young child in your car in hot weather, it is essential to wind the window down a little for them and to leave them with plenty of water. Never leave them alone for more than an hour. 

3. Get a full MOT

Summer is often a time in which we take our vehicles on long holidays. When you are driving for any long period of time, especially in a foreign country, it is so important to be sure that you can rely on your car. So, do not delay your car's MOT until after the summer months - get it fully checked and serviced now. 

4. Check the levels of coolant in your vehicle

Your AC will keep you cool, but what about your car? This is what coolant fluid is for! Check your car's coolant levels before summer begins, and top it up if necessary. Unsure about how to do this? Ask a professional mechanic to do it for you.

5. Clean the air filter

During autumn and winter, dead leaves and other debris can clog up your air filter. Now is the time to clear them out so that your car is totally ready for summer. 

Now you are ready to go!

Follow these 5 tips above, and perhaps take advantage of the hot weather to give your car a good hose down, and you will be ready for a fantastic summer of driving.