One of the main issues with driving is that unfortunately, sometimes people can get complacent after they have passed their test. Things like this do inevitably happen, so, unfortunately, things that we used to have to do on every single lesson like adjust our mirror for blind spots can seem to go a bit awry when we have been driving a while. 

How to adjust mirrors for blind spots: side view mirrors

The main thing to remember when you adjust your side view mirrors is that these can change because of a number of factors, so you really need to update these on a regular basis. If you are unsure on how often to update your mirrors, you should make a point of doing them regularly just in case. There are only a couple of steps that you need to follow for side mirrors.

Step 1- Drivers side view 

To adjust the driver's side view mirror, you need to put your head in alignment with the left side of the window first of all to get the right perspective. Then adjust the mirror so you can only then just about see the side of the car from this angle. 

Step 2 - Passengers side mirror 

To adjust the passenger side view mirror, you first need to position yourself with the centre console. Your head should be just above this. You then need to adjust in the same way, so that you can just barely see the side of the car from this angle.

How to adjust mirrors for blind spots: inside mirror

Adjusting the inside mirror can prove tricky, but once you have done this there are a lot less factors that will make the mirror move, as it is positioned on the inside of the car and is not exposed to elements. This means that you should be able to adjust your inside mirror a lot less often than you do with your side view mirrors. The main things to remember when you are adjusting your inside mirror are as follows:

You should be able to see the whole rear view window 

Anything less than this is not enough. Is anything is obstructing this view, then you need to move it and ensure you can see the whole thing. 

You should only need to move your eyes 

There should not be any circumstances where you have to move your whole head to see anything in the rear view mirror. You should only need to move your eyes. 

If you are tall 

If you are six foot tall or over, you may find it incredibly hard to adjust your mirror. If this is the case you can try to re-position the mirror so that it actually upside down. If you cannot do this on your current mirror, you can visit your local auto shop and see if there are any fixes they can help you with, as this is often a common problem that gets overlooked. 

How To Adjust Your Mirrors To Avoid Blind Spots