Planning a trip today can be so time-consuming, but a well-chosen travel organisation won’t only arrange transport, but they may be able to save you money with booking discounts, hotel deals and more.

Some of them are an authority on all travel aspects so that you enjoy the full spectrum of travel services, from parking your car at the airport to road services to breakdown- and emergency medical rescue and more.

Effective Ways to Save Money on Airport Parking

There are some airports such as Long Beach Airport which offers free parking for electric vehicles. This is why you need to do research so you can be aware of freebies and other money-saving deals.

You’ll quickly discover that there are off-airport parking lots that offer extra services such as checking tyres and inflating them while you’re away. If you’ve booked a flight, you’ll want to know how and where your car will be parked while you’re away. Airport parking can be massively expensive, whether you park your car for a few hours, a few days or a month.

Why not follow some simple tips to save money on airport parking, bearing in mind that private parking can differ in price at every airport?

● Book in advance – for instance at London’s Heathrow Airport, if you book airport parking in advance, you’ll pay in the region of £95 a week for parking, whereas if you just pitched up you’d be looking at anything in the region of £170 a week.

● It’s worth looking beyond the main airport car parking websites. The reason for this is that you’ll find online agents such as who offer a wider range of affordable choices. Sites like this offer off- airport companies who can give you a cheaper deal. Whatever site you’re on, read online customer reviews so that you can be sure your car will be safely parked while you’re away.

● Instead of paying for parking separately, look out for those hotel/car parking deals. For instance, these ‘Sleep Park Fly packages’ are where the airport hotels provide a relaxed travel offer. Airports such as London Heathrow Airport and Manchester Airport will provide complimentary parking on the night of your stay, allowing you to choose from 2-4, 5-8 or 9-15 day parking packages. They also offer limited long stay parking at certain hotels near to these airports.

● There are great airport parking comparison sites which help with this irritating but necessary aspect of travel. With these sites you can simply click on the ‘get prices’ button, name your airport where you’ll leave your vehicle, select the date and time you require parking, and the site will present you with a host of parking choices. Once you see an option you like, click through and make a simple online purchase.

● If you’re just saying goodbye to someone leaving on a jet plane, check parking prices for a short parking stint as at Gatwick for instance you can park in the long- stay car park for up to two hours free of charge, whereas if you were to park in the short-stay car park, you’d have to part with £12.

The best airport parking tip is to book your parking early. But if you’re looking for even more savings, there are excellent deals on parking at airports. These deals can ensure that you can park your car safely at low prices and look forward to having a little extra money in your pocket while you’re away.