Don't you just love the spring? The birds are singing through their chirping, and the sun is blinding us with its warm rays of light that have been neglecting the UK all year until now. Well, to celebrate spring many of you will probably end up looking to go on a long road trip to enjoy the incredible weather. There is no better feeling than driving down a long country road singing an old vintage rock song with your closest friends and family, and for you to do this you will need a vehicle, and here at Avon Valley Garage, we have a whole range of vehicles you can choose from. Below is a list of the best spring road trips to take in the UK.


1) Snake Pass- Peak District, England

The Snake Pass road trip is one of the longer trips we have on the list as the car journey lasts forty-two miles. Now, judging by how fast your driving is that could only take around one hour to complete but trust me the road is not just a straight one. For example, the Snake Pass is found in the Derbyshire part of the Peak District, and this means that you will be driving on the A57.

This is the road that connects Sheffield with Manchester, and this is the road where you can expect quick corners and continuous twisting on the road until you reach your destination. Now, I am not going to lie this spring road trip can be scary, but with the help of a car from the Avon Valley Garage and some impressive driving on your part, you will be rewarded with the breathtaking view. The view is of the National Trust's impressive High Peak Estate whose highest point is three hundred and forty-seven metres high.

Snake Pass Peak District


2) Cheddar Gorge- Somerset England

The Cheddar Gorge spring road trip is the shortest trip that we have on the list as the car journey is only fifteen miles. Now, depending on how fast you can drive this trip could only take around thirty minutes to complete.This car ride is a treat to the eyes as the Cheddar Gorge is found approximately ten miles south-west of Bristol and around eight miles east of Weston-Super-Mare.

This location means many motorists are staring in complete awe as the scenery looks as if the earth is opening up and it is showing us beautiful limestone cliffs. The road itself is rather twisty, and the highest peak of the journey is two hundred and eighty-nine metres so mak sure to enjoy the views with your Avon Valley Garage vehicle.

Cheddar Gorge Somerset, England


3) Black Mountain Pass- Brecon Beacons, Wales

To conclude, the Black Mountain Pass which is also known as the A4069 which is a road that will test your driving skills through some twists and sheep on the road. That is right I said sheep so keep an eye out.

The journey is approximately twenty-two miles and judging by how fast you drive your Avon Valley Garage vehicle it can take around forty minutes. Now, this is the journey that may not be for the faint of heart as the highest point of this trip is four hundred and ninety-five five metres. This height of this journey ensures that there will be many beautiful views and will make you want to drive it again and again.

Black Mountain Pass Brecon Beacons