Buying a car

Buying a used car is an incredible way to get yourself a high-value deal at an incredible price. This can be a much kore favored option opposed to getting a brand new model that will depreciate fast over time and cost you considerably more money. But there are certain key points to be aware of to make sure that you get the very best deal you can.


1) Have Your Budget In Mind 

Of course, you will be aware of what you would consider spending for you to determine what would be a good deal and fit within your financial situation comfortably, but it is a great idea to firmly assess exactly what that looks like before you go out in pursuit or purchasing a new vehicle.

2) Make An Appropriate Choice

Everyone has different needs and uses for vehicles. It is important not to be influenced solely on emotions and pick a vehicle that you both like and will benefit your life at the same time. Buying a new car can be exciting, but there will come a point where that excitement wears off if you miscalculated just how many seats you were going to need in the future, the functionality of the vehicle and what it can provide you and your family,

3) What Are The Costs To Own And How Reliable Will It Be?

Every vehicle has different needs and they all come with different costs from time to time. Make sure you do your research, find out just how reliable a particular model has been in the past for people who have owned this model, and their experiences.

4) Locate Good Used Cars

Avon Valley Garage are experts in the used car industry, and offer high-quality vehicles, customer care before, and after you purchase your vehicle. We work tirelessly to make sure you are happy and get the greatest value that we can possibly give.

5) Test Drive

Nothing will get you more excited about a purchase than a test drive. This will be a great way to truly feel the experience of a vehicle first hand. We can offer test drives on all our vehicles simply by contacting us on the specific vehicle you would like to test out.

6) Understand Mileage

Although low mileage on vehicles can be appealing, this might not be the best indication that you are getting a better deal. There are a few factors to consider. The owner that previously owned the vehicle and what their driving style was like. Someone who was careful and drove sensibly can rack up a lot more miles than someone who drives reckless and fast and still be a way better deal for your money. It's all about how the vehicle was treated during the time of the previous owners.

7) What Are People Saying About The Car Dealer?

 Social proof especially in this day and age can be huge. You always want to make sure that you are buying from a trusted, well-respected company that has done business with people just like you, and received an excellent experience. You can check out all of our reviews from customers we have done business with in the past, to see what they have said about the experience they received from us when buying a used car.

8) After Care

Many people are too quick to make some money in exchange for the service they offer, and for further assistance, they would be required to spend some more. Whilst this is okay, Avon Valley really cares about our customers and will happily help you with any questions or queries that you may have long after the sale. So rest assured that you can buy with confidence and will always be looked after.

9) Ask Questions

Avon Valley are used car experts that love what we do. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions that you may have regarding a vehicle, the buying process, different types of finance options we have, booking a test drive, or finding a vehicle that will best serves your needs. Our friendly staff love to help and will gladly assist you with anything you need and provide you with the expert trusted advice you seek.


Over Compensating On Budget 

There can be many external influences that force us to overspend and abuse our boundaries. Some of you may like the status that a certain make and model will give you and therefore influence you to spend more than necessary. 

Not Fully Understanding Financing Options

We advise that you do your research on all the different types of finance options available today. Some maybe be way more beneficial to you than others, yet you may choose the less beneficial one due to the knowledge you do have, looking better than the rest. This can be a problem for some as they are not fully aware of all the terms that may help them the most financially.

Being Emotionally Attached

Emotions are a big factor when it comes to making a good decision financially. Make sure that you are fully aware of your emotions going into your choices and recognise when they are at play negatively as opposed to positively. Of course, you should be excited about getting a new vehicle, but make sure that it doesnt over power your decision making skills and factor in the necessity and practicality aspects also.


Hire Purchase 

This method of purchasing will require you to put down a deposit of at least 10%. For the remainder of the vehicle's price, this will be chunked into monthly installments that will then be paid over a period from 12- 60 months or 1-5 years time from the date of the agreement.You will typically find that the rates are less competitive for used cars. The annual percentage rate that you will pay will depend on your credit score and history.The loan is then placed against the car. which would then mean that you could not fully claim ownership until you had made the final payment for the remaining outstanding balance due.


Benefits Of Hire Purchase

✅ Flexible payments that work with your annual income and monthly outgoings.

✅ Low deposit to get started Interest rates are fixed so you know what you have to pay when you have to pay it

✅ Easier to obtain with a slightly lower credit score 

✅ In most cases, there are no mileage restrictions

✅ You can settle your agreement at any time 

✅ No large sum required at the end of the term to keep your vehicle 


PCP (Personal Contract Purchase)

Your agreement will last 3-5 years. You will have to remain at the same dealer to use the remaining equity in your vehicle, and you will have certain terms attached to the contract for example how many miles you will be allowed to use in the time you have the car. This method of purchasing a vehicle is basically a long term rental where at the end of the term you have three options...

- Return the car

- Pay the outstanding balance remaining and claim ownership of the vehicle

- Use the vehicle value as it currently sits, to put towards a new vehicle of your choice with that company.


The main benefits of PCP 

✅ Settle the agreement at any time

✅ Cheaper monthly repayments 

✅ At the end of your term, you can make a balloon payment in order to keep the vehicle, exchange the value for a brand new one or return it.

✅ Final payment is deferred 

✅ The lender guarantees that your car will be worth a minimum amount of money

✅ PCP may be able to help you get a dearer car than you otherwise would have been able to afford 



Avon Valley Garage stock high-quality used vehicles that satisfy all needs and budgets. We make sure to give you the very best experience at the beginning, during and after your purchase with us. All of our staff are fast, efficient and friendly at solving your problems and finding you the very best deals. Our service is now fully compliant with the COVID-19 government rules and regulations, so rest assured you will get a clean and safe process, giving you peace at mind.