Old Ford

Ford has stood the test of time and become a staple brand in the car industry. After starting on June the 6th 1903 in Detroit, they have continued to strive in innovation and creation of quality vehicles ever since. They managed to survive the horrific crash in 2008 that had a massive impact on the car industry. Today they look to supply a range of transportation services, on top of selling quality vehicles.

We are going to go through all the attributes that make this car brand so appealing to the public eye, and just how they have managed to adapt and stick around whilst performing at a very high level all of these years. 


Ford was definitely leading pioneers when it comes to smaller sized turbocharged engines. The term "eco boost" is a representation of how smaller lightweight engines can have more power whilst using less fuel. This, in turn, would also lead to their being fewer emissions being emitted into the environment. There are said to be three main benefits of these turbocharged engines. 

1. Cheaper Engine Costs -  Automakers can keep engine costs down. When they keep engine costs down, they have more money that can be put into other areas of the car such as luxury, multimedia systems, accessibility, and usability to improve the overall experience of the driver. 

2. Better Fuel Economy - These types of engines are able to restore power whilst using fewer cylinders, adding to the overall performance of the vehicle. This means you can have a more eco-friendly engine that still has the same overall performance as vehicles with more cylinders.

3. Engine Torque - This also ties in with the fuel economy aspect of the engine. It performs better than most aspirated engines that you can buy nowadays, based on the EPA's fuel efficiency cycle tests. This engine allows for quicker upshifts all thanks to the low-end torque, which makes it great for driving in small inner cities.


Ford has led the way when it comes to infotainment in the car space. They plan to introduce the new SYNC 4 version sometime in the next year or so. This really is a great aspect of inside entertainment for your vehicle, and Ford has managed to add critical components to increase customer satisfaction every time. Some of the new upcoming features include...

Connected Navigation - Automatic updates that tell you in real-time what's happening on the road.

Connected Voice - Voice commands that reflect your native tongue. 

Larger Screens - There will now be an option to have a larger screen in your vehicle, depending on the model. 

Key By Amazon - Ford is teaming up with Apple, and for prime users only, you can get parcels delivered straight to your car whether you are at home, work, or out of town.

Alexa - You will be able to incorporate Alexa into your journeys very soon. This will come with +30,00 skills and you can even control your home smart devices too!


Ford has been known to have good power in its smaller vehicles. This is most commonly displayed in the RS and ST models of the focus and fiesta. All-round ford doesn't have a bad car to drive in its arsenal. All have been carefully built with the end customer in mind to drive performance, comfort, usability, and customer satisfaction. Most models have been built with ergonomic design to make sure that you can access everything easily and within plenty of reach.

 It is also noticeable the handling of ford vehicles. They have a great grip and hold steady on the most treacherous roads when driving. This is great for drivers who feel a little unsure driving compared to the more competent drivers amongst us and delivers an element of further safety whilst behind the wheel. 

Some models come with pre-collision assistance that warns you when your car is getting a little too close to another vehicle or object. Responsive and adaptive cruise control make the longer journeys a little more bearable with multiple preset functionalities that are very easy to learn and use.


Ford has introduced appealing safety features over the years of distribution. They have installed pre-collision assistance, combined with pedestrian detection technology. Both of these technologies can help prevent prefrontal collisions with cars and people crossing the road. With today's roads getting busier and busier, it's great to have that extra peace of mind when you are driving, especially in the city center.


Ford has been around for so long due to the great variety that they offer the car industry. There is a make and model type for every single buyer out there. Families that like long trips away, the short daily commuters that want to save a penny or two. The sportier types that like a little more oomph when they drive, or the old lady or man who wants to go to the supermarket and see their grandchildren.  Ford really leave no stone unturned and make it their mission to cater to all the needs of their respected market.


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