The ability to bring a car to a stop at all required conditions is essential for road safety. The ability to do so can be compromised if the driver does not have the right footwear or drives barefooted. Although driving without shoes is not illegal in most countries, there are various challenges that the driver is likely to encounter is he chooses to drive barefooted.

The clutch may require heavy pressure

When driving a car, the feet is almost entirely resting on one of the brakes, clutch or accelerator pedals if you are using a manually driven car. Having your bare feet rest on the clutches on a relatively older car that requires heavy pressure when changing gears, the feet may not be able to achieve the required pressure as compared to a driver wearing shoes.

Painful in long distance driving 

Driving a car without shoes for long distances is more likely to be a painful affair due to the friction between the pedals and the feet. In most cases, the clutch pedals are not smooth so as to increase friction between the shoes and the pedal. The rough surface ensures that the feet do not slip off when pressure is applied. When driving without shoes, the feet may develop painful blisters and render the driver incapable of controlling the car as expected. 

Slipping off of the feet 

Repeated pressing of the pedals without shoes can cause sweating on the feet. For people with this condition, they may find it uncomfortable driving without shoes as the feet keeps slipping off from the pedals. Apart from this causing discomfit, it poses a safety hazard as the driver may not be in a position to stop the car during an emergency, as there is a likelihood of missing the pedals or exerting insufficient pressure.

People who drive with only their socks or stockings also pose an equal risk of having their feet exert less pressure on the pedals as those who drive without shoes. Nylon shoes, for example, slide on the pedals and are more likely to slip off when an emergency situation is encountered while driving. 

Safety hazard 

In events of an accident, a barefooted driver is at a risk of hurting his feet by debris penetrating through his skin. In cases of minor accidents that may require the driver to control his own vehicle out of the scene. Having debris on your feet will definitely make you unable to exert enough pressure on the brakes and the clutch pedals.

With summer around the corner, we understand the high temptation of driving without shoes. The risks posed by yourself and other road users are many as compared to when you drove with the right type of shoes. Many people feel comfortable when driving without shoes for shorter distances, but you cannot tell when a situation that requires you to exert excessive pressure occurs. To be on the safe side, it’s advisable to always drive with your shoes on at stay safe on the road. 

Why you shouldn't drive without shoes?