A new study has found most car owners go more than two months without checking the essentials of their car. It seems the days of poking your head under the bonnet, and getting your hands dirty from checking your cars oil levels on a Sunday morning may be a distant memory. 

New research has found that Britons have given up on motoring DIY, with a third of car owners delving under the bonnet of their vehicle less than four times annually, with a massive 62% going at least two months without touching that vital parts of a car.

The reasons for the decline in car DIY maintenance has been attributed to reduced free time, with Britons working on average 7.7 hours of unpaid overtime each week, according to TUC. Plus, the advancements in technology in vehicles - including smartphone apps, digital gauges, and precise sensors enabling motorists to leave their cars to look after themselves a lot more. However, these new technologies mean that car owners may feel less confident identifying faults - or are unable to without sophisticated tools and diagnostics equipment, meaning they have to trust specialist service centres or garages.