Meet Stan, the valet parking robot, Stanley Robotics have created an automated parking solution for airport car parks around the globe.

The team at Stanley Robotics have developed a solution to take the stress of airport car parking. Their robot, affectionately named Stan, collects cars from designated drop-off areas and transports them to the nearest parking space until their owners are ready to collect them.

The process starts when a customer makes a booking though the company's app or website, they then park in a "well lit and spacious" garage close to their terminal. Once they've confirmed their arrival they're free to leave for their flight, taking their keys with them. Stan will then step in to collect deposited vehicles, automatically adjusting to the car's dimensions as it slides underneath, before gently lifting it off the ground. When it reaches the parking area it uses "the latest sensor technology" to manoeuvre the vehicle into a row of five. A record is kept of the customer's flight details so cars can be dropped off in anticipation of their owners' return.

Stanley Robotics claim their system can increase the number of cars in a given area by as much as 50 per cent, each robot is said to be capable of processing between 20,000 and 30,000 vehicles per year, managing up to 400 spaces at one time.

The valet solution is already in operation at Charles de Gaulle airport in France.