During the first quarter of 2017 the RAC attended over 6,500 breakdowns caused by potholes; a 63% year-on-year rise, despite decent weather conditions.

Cracked and distorted wheels, damaged shock absorbers and broken suspension springs are typical injuries caused by poor road surfaces.


The RAC hasn't been called out to more pothole related incidents (6,900) since the first quarter of 2015. The start of 2015 saw more days of frost and rainfall, which typically causes damage to road surfaces, than the equivalent period this year.

The RAC are now particularly concerned with the results of the latest Potholes Index, as they had expected to see an overall reduction in breakdowns of this kind after the mild winter. The share of call-outs ascribed to potholes was 2.7% - the largest proportion since records began in 2006.

The longer-term picture is looking more positive; the corrected RAC Pothole Index stands at 2.08, its lowest reading since 2008. This indicates the standard of UK's road surfaces, whilst still well below where they were a decade ago, are starting to improve. pothole-related-breakdowns-increase-despite-mild-winter

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